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Company Description

SmartComp provides current compensation data and predictive salary recommendations to employers and HR professionals. Our SaaS-based platform automatically imports data from a company’s HR system, matches jobs to benchmark roles using AI and uses predictive analytics to make salary recommendations.

To make high quality compensation decisions, employers need to know what their current and prospective staff could be earning elsewhere. Traditional salary surveys take weeks of administrative effort to complete and months of waiting to receive. Annual survey data is eighteen months old by the time a new update is published, but decision makers need more recent salary data to recruit and retain the best talent, while also scaling down the manual effort to obtain and use the data.

SmartComp provides fresh benchmark data 365 days per year, while capturing job nuances to the skill level and its predictive analytics engine goes beyond static benchmarks and manual salary recommendations by providing proactive alerts when compensation changes are recommended in line with the company’s compensation philosophy.

SmartComp was one of the finalists in the Global New Venture Challenge 2020 at the University of Chicago Booth of Business.