Photographer, photo editor and retoucher (editing travel photos)

  • Post Date : April 24, 2020
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Job Detail

  • Equity stake offered To be discussed
  • Career Level Executive
  • Experience Fresh
  • Qualifications Certificate

Job Description

Do you want to be able to inspire people to travel through awe-inspiring photos and be a go-to expert of many destinations among your friends?

Do you want to learn more about Facebook and Instagram marketing and allow your work to reach out to hundreds of thousands of people?

If you love to tell stories through photos, have basics understanding about Photoshop, and are based in Malaysia, we welcome you to join our team as a full-time photo storyteller.

We are one of the fastest-growing online travel magazines that feature unique content that inspire people to rethink about travelling in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Since our debut in July 2014, we have been experiencing a steady traffic growth, and we now have more than 1.5 million visits each month on our website. In addition, we have an active and highly engaged Facebook community. Majority of our readers are from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

Our mission is to inspire travellers by sharing destinations they never knew about, and encouraging them to embark on a road less travelled. We believe in creating a world with effortless travel planning and free from scams, where travellers can go on a holiday without fear nor anxiety, so they can live life to the fullest.

Driven by a team of travel-passionate writers and editors, we’ve been curating and creating travel stories about Bali, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Lombok, Bangkok, Chiang Mai (and many more destinations) that you seldom hear from anywhere else. We pride ourselves as experts in creating engaging content that gets people talking and sharing all over the web.

Our slogan, “Not Your Usual Travel Guide” explains very well what we stand for to create unique travel content that would inspire people in an unconventional yet powerful way.

The team at TripCanvas has solid track records of past success and badass skills like SEO, sales, marketing, etc, and tremendous travel industry insights that will help propel the business to greater heights.

The key things that binds us are these –

We LOVE travelling!

We are not afraid of failures, and we are here to learn.

We are very open individuals.

We’re here to build a kickass company based on hard work and creativity.

Most importantly, we have fun doing this!


1. All our articles are written in-house by our writers, upon completion of their articles, written draft and some raw photos will be passed to you. You will be required to edit and find more photos to ensure that the photos that will be uploaded to the website will be of high standards according to our guidelines. Some key considerations include: fact checks on the photos, color, saturation, brightness, size, photos being social media friendly.

2. Craft Facebook album to tell great travel stories through awe-inspiring photos according to our best practices.

3. Once you understand about the destinations more, you will be able to help manage and learn how to grow an Instagram page.

4. Identify successful content and influencers on social media. Study what works and what doesn’t.

5. Work with other photo editors, study past results and generate feature images for stories – which will help to improve overall traffic performance.


1. You must know how to identify and source for great photos via various sources, bearing in mind of fair use and copyright concerns, not just Google, but other sources like Instagram, FourSquare etc.

2. Know how to use online tools to achieve simple visual requirements, i.e. collage, photos with accompanied taglines and more.

3. Photoshop skills: improving contrast/saturation for bland images, straightening, batch process.

4. Good aesthetic and photo angle sense. Know how to find/take great photos. 

5. You must be social media savvy.

6. Been to Indonesia or Thailand is a plus.

7. Know how to operate a DSLR or mirrorless camera is a plus (otherwise we can guide you)

8. Salary range: RM 2500-3000 (Never be afraid to ask for more if you’ve proven yourself to be worthy)

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